About Hana


My own healing journey began at four years old. I was in an accident that left me largely unharmed with the exception of unexpected fainting spells, persistent dizziness and nausea, and chronic fatigue. By western standards nothing was wrong with me; when my condition worsened in college I saw one doctor after another, took test after test and everything came up negative. I sought alternative means of healing, adjusted my diet, tried different exercises, breathwork, meditation and while each of these modalities helped, it wasn’t until I found Catie, an acupuncturist who focused on treating the spirit, that everything changed.

I had seen other acupuncturists, but she was the first one who I felt really saw ME.

One single session with her and I stopped fainting after close to seventeen years of frustration, fear, and suffering. She saw not just the physical manifestation of fainting, but also the emotional trauma and scars it had created. After several transformative sessions she cleared enough space for me to call in a path that was in alignment with my spiritual purpose.

Arriving to where I am today was a challenging, vital, and passionate process. With the aid of Chinese Medicine, Peruvian shamanism, and a disciplined and ongoing dedication to my highest self I have finally arrived in a place where I can share my own healing process with others so that they may experience their own metamorphosis. My work is an expression of who I am and while my degrees say otherwise, I don’t necessarily consider myself a healer – I am simply a facilitator of this medicine. 

In order to maintain a balance of my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies I adhere to a vegan diet, practice Qi Gong and yoga, mediate, garden, play piano, dance, spend time with loved ones, and walk my little dog Obi.

I have faith that the universe has conspired for us to meet so that I may guide you on your own unique path to harmony and ultimate health. 


I am a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in New York and North Carolina, a nationally recognized diplomate of acupuncture, and a certified holistic health practitioner.


Pacific College of Health and Science — Candidate for an Acupuncture Doctorate 

Tri-State College of Acupuncture — Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

San Francisco State University — Pre-Med Bachelor of Science in Health Education, Minor in Holistic and Public Health 

Holistic Health Institute of San Francisco — Certified Holistic Health Practitioner